Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Cody!

Today is Cody's birthday! Happy Birthday honey, I love you! So I wanted to write 31 things that I love about this guy, since he turned 31 today.

1. He is a wonderful Dad!
2. He is a very hard worker.
3. He knows how to make me laugh.
4. He can always seem to get me in a good mood.
5. He is easy going.
6. He is an awesome husband.
7. When he needs to get something done, he drops everything to do it right then.
8. He loves animals.
9. He is always willing to help someone in need.
10. He is very caring.
11. He is a fun person and always keeps things interesting.
12. He is very supportive.
13. He puts up with me. LOL.
14. He will talk to me on the phone for hours when he is out of town working.
15. He likes to watch movies with me.
16. He is not affraid to ask for advise from others.
17. He is not affraid to ask for directions if we get lost.
18. He is not affraid to buy me tampons or pads.
19. He is practical.
20. He always looks for the best deals when we buy something.
21. One of his favorite stores is D.I.
22. He is a firefighter.
23. He is always friendly to everyone.
24. He stays up late with me at night.
25. He like to watch Jay Lenos headlines.
26. He watches chick flicks with me (even though he always says they are gay).
27. He is good at solving problems and coming up with solutions.
28. He works very hard to give our family what we need.
29. He appreciates the small things in life.
30. He is the most handsome guy I know.
31. He is responsible.

I absolutely love spending time with this guy. I am so thankful that he is my husband.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little bit crazy!

I thought summer was suppose to be easy going, and relaxing. Well ours has been anything but that. It's been a little crazy around here. First, Cadence played T-ball, which she loved and I loved going to watch her games. Then I went to a family reunion of course, and girls camp (although I was only there for 1 day), and we had an all day activity with the youth at Warm Springs (which is a little before Vegas), and we have youth conference coming up, and I am suppose to head up to my cousins house in Central Utah on Thursday with my Mom and sister. Cadence starts a program at the elementary tomorrow for 2 weeks to help her with her letters and numbers to better prepare her for Kindergarten. Oh and I started a biggest loser program about 5 weeks ago. I am working out with 10 other women including my sister and we have a personal trainer. We have to work out with her at least 3 times a week. I love my trainer but she is tough! But the good news is I have lost 15 pounds as of last week. We weigh in every Monday. It's so exciting to see results although sometimes I seriously want to die. The first few days after working out were hard I didn't want to go up stairs or even sit down (from all the darn lunges we had to do). Oh besides working out 3 times a week with her we have to work out 3 times a week on our own and of course I am on a diet. At first, I really wondered what the heck I got myself into but now I am really glad I have done it. I have 3 weeks left to go with the program. Here are some pictures of the kids. In a couple of weeks I will post pictures. I have already gone down a couple of pants sizes. Wahoo! Cody has been gone more with work, I guess fire season is here. He just left for the Grand Canyon today. Please help me stay sain! I think I am going to need a girls night out soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Have you ever found one of these in your backyard?

It was a little scary at first but then Cody decided to hold it and even got Cadence to hold it. He saw it a few days earlier but couldn't catch it. Then, I found it in our chicken coop. Cody looked it up on the internet before holding it and found it is a California King snake. They are not poisonous. The snake was very tame and we wondered if it was someones pet. Cody wanted to keep it as a pet, but I am not a snake fan.

Cody tried to get Kyndee to hold it but she didn't want anything to do with it. However she did want to show off some of our chickens.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My niece and nephew

Last week my brother ask me to take some pictures of his kids. I had so much fun taking pictures of them and they were so good to do whatever I ask them. Here are some of the pictures of Dax and Gracie.

On The Firetruck

Aren't they so cute!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hiking with the girls

A few weeks ago I took the girls hiking up the hill by our house. Cadence loved it, but Kyndee wanted me to hold her the whole time. It's a lot easier when Cody goes with us. I love getting out and doing stuff with the kids. It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, the kids needed sweaters in the morning.

What a good sister. Trying to help Kyndee get the weeds out of her socks.

We found this old car laying there. The kids wanted to get a picture by it.As we were headed over the hike the hill, we found a really old tree and stopped to take some pictures. My girls love each other so much. They don't know what to do when the other is not around. But then when they are together they like to fight and argue.

It was such a pretty view hiking up the hill. And it was such a perfect day to go hiking.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More T-Ball pictures

Cody bought Cadence a pink bat and a pink mitt and she loves them. She is doing so good! She said to me the other day "Mom, when I am done playing t-ball, what am I going to do next?" Then she told me she wants to try playing soccer next. She thinks she always needs to be busy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Cadence started T-ball and loves it. Here is a picture of her just before her game.

Kyndee loves running around while Cadence plays.