Friday, May 30, 2008

Funny pictures

Ok, so I was looking through my pictures on my computer and I came across some funny pictures and decided to share them with you. I hope you enjoy these.

This is Cadence and her Grandpa Cotten. He is such a good sport! She wanted the cowboy hat and he got the girly hat! Doesn't he look good in it! Cadence really loves her Grandpa.

So this was me on my birthday. It was funny because my father-in-law was teasing me saying "work it for the camera, come on flip your hair". I am sitting on the new comforter I got for my birthday.

He got a picture just at the right moment! I know, I look crazy! What a perfect shot though right! I was laughing so hard after.

This one of Cadence's face crack me up. She is so funny! She is always making me laugh.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, it has been pretty crazy around here! Just a week ago, my sister had a baby. I took care of my 4 year old neice for a couple of days, while her Mom was recovering. Cadence and her cousin had lots of fun together. The night after my niece Zoe left, Cadence came into my room and was crying. She told me that she missed Zoe. I thought that was so sweet that she missed her cousin. I have been over at my sister's house almost everyday trying to help out with whatever she needs. I am really excited to have a new niece. Sorry I don't have a picture yet. My sister had a c-section so she can't do a whole lot for a while. My new nieces name is Bailey. She is so sweet and so adorable. I just love holding her. That is when she's not crying. LOL!

Over the weekend (Memorial weekend). I went to a family reunion on my Dad's side of the family. It was a lot of fun and so nice to see all of the family. My Dad was the only one going from our family, because my Mom decided she need to stay and help my sister. So I didn't want my Dad to have to go alone. Plus, I knew it would be fun to see everyone.

My brother and his wife are expecting baby #3 anytime now. I am looking forward to helping them out with their kiddos when the baby comes. They are having a boy. I am so excited with these new babies in the family. And I really enjoy helping out. It definently make me realize I am not ready for another one anytime soon! I forgot how hard the newborn stage is when the baby is so dependant on you. It is so much fun to see my family grow.

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to clean my house and relax after all of the craziness. It was so nice. Although I did clean most of the day and make dinner for my sister. It is so hard to clean with 2 kids. Cadence is pretty good but Kyndee always gets so mad when I am not paying attention to her. I can't wait until her and Cadence can play more together. I love that I have 2 girls that are pretty close together. I have been trying to plan a trip to go see my good friend Summer. Our good friends James and Summer moved to Lehi a couple of weeks ago. I have missed her lots. I hadn't posted anything lately so I thought I would update you all so you know we are still alive.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kyndee's surgery

Here are some new pictures of Kyndee. On Tuesday she had to have surgery. She had a blocked tear duct still. The Dr. decided she needed surgery to open the duct up. Most babies are born with blocked tear ducts, but they open up on their own. It it does open up by 1 year, then it usually doesn't. She did great! It was a very long day though. She was sure glad to see her Mommy and Daddy after she came out of the anastesia. It sure is tough on Moms to have their kids go through any surgery, even minor. I love these new pics of her. She is getting so big. She is starting to look more like a little girl rather than a baby now. I can't believe how fast they grow.

Cadence loves flowers

Mothers Day

Cadence helped her Dad pick these out for me for Mothers Day. It was so sweet when they came home and Cadence came in bringing them to me. I love roses!