Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our new puppy

We got a new puppy on Monday! We let Cadence name her, and she came up with Abby. We are so excited to have her. She is such a good dog! She is so full of energy but so much fun!

We had another dog named Nook, for about 6 years and he got a tumor in his nasal area and could not breath very well, so we had to put him to sleep just a few weeks ago. Our family misses him very much!

I know that I have more recent pictures of our other dog, but this was the only one I could find. Cadence use to try to ride him, and he would just let her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Pictures

These are some random pictures that I had on my phone. Cadence is such a goofball. She is always making me laugh. I love that girl!!! Oh and I forgot to post but Cody and I had our 8th anniversary on April 6th. We stayed in Vegas and left the kids with Cody's parents. It was so nice to get away. I can't believe that we have been married for 8 years.

This is Cody eradicating weed in Cedar. I believe this was taken last fall. I can't remember how much they actually got out of there but it was a lot.

I just love that smile. She just brightens my day.

There's that smile again. The pajamas she has on in the picture are her favorite pj's. I will throw them in the dirty clothes piles to wash and she'll take it out and tell me smell Mom it's clean. So I'll tell her no we need to wash them. And she'll say to me "Ahhh Mom come on". That girl cracks me up.


Here are some pictures of the Easter hunt at the park. Of course, I forgot my camera so I took these with the camera on my phone. It's does not take very good pictures, but oh well it's better than nothing. We had heard that they were doing a duck drop at the Washington Rec. center so we decided to go. When we got there we were so bummed because you had to buy a ticket to get in and of course the tickets were sold out. So we ended up going to the Sand Hallow pool with my sister and nieces to go swimming. We couldn't believe how many people were there. After going swimming we went and got Cafe Rio! Wow, we love that place!

On Sunday we went to church, then had a family get together with the Wood side of the family. We had another Easter egg hunt for the kids and they loved it. The cousins always have so much fun playing together. We had a fun Easter and hope everyone else did too.