Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fire Season has begun

This is the fire that Cody just went on yesterday and it back on it today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kyler's Baby Blessing

On Sunday, we had Kylers baby blessing. Cody of course did the blessing and did an awesome job! We had lots of family and some friends with us at church. It was a great day! Kyler looked so handsome in his little blessing outfit. When we got to church, he threw up all over his outfit, twice. This kid hardly ever spits up. The second time was all over poor Grandma. Cody said Kyler must have been nervous. We were so thankful for all of our family and friends that came to the blessing.

We tried to get a family photo, but as you can see it wasn't going so well. Kyndee refused to look at the camera.

This one is a little better.

And here's my handsome hubby and our boy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally updated

I finally updated. I have 3 new posts. Then you can be caught up on what we have been up to. Well, besides adjusting to being a family of 5.

The kids

I can't get this kid out of her swimsuit now that it's summer.

They are such good big sisters and they love their brother so much!

Cadence is such a good helper and loves to hold her baby brother. She asks me every about hour if she can hold him.

I just love this little guy. Everytime I pick him up I can't help but to kiss his cheeks.

Finally one with his eyes open. He is such a sweet little guy. I seriously love my family, and I feel so blessed to be their Mommy. I have the greatest husband and kids!!! I'm lovin life!

Spring Dance Recital

The girls had their Spring dance recital. They did so good. I was so proud of them. They just love dance. The pictures are from their dress rehearsal. I only took video at the recital.

Kyndee's Class


Kyndee in the middle

Cadence's class - she is in the middle (front)

Cadence in the middle

Lovin Summer

The girls are loving Summer and being in their swimsuits. They go run though the neighbors sprinklers daily. A sweet retired couple are now their adopted Grandparents. They moved in down the street from us a few months ago. The girls have to ride their bikes down the street just to say hi to them everyday. Usually about 4 or 5 times throughout the day. I love my girls! Sometimes they drive me crazy, but I sure don't know what I'd do withouth them.

Kyndee - Miss Sassy Pants - tells you exactly what she thinks - loves to be outside - loves cartoons - chocolate milkaholic - loves dance - sassy but sweet

Cadence - Smarty pants - mellow - tenderhearted - loves sports and dance - loves to be outside - always concerned about others - loves to tease people