Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The little lost turtle

A couple of months ago, Cody came home from work and told me he had bought something. He said to me "Don't be mad ok". So I am thinking oh boy what did he get now. LOL. He goes to the truck and gets out an aquarium with 2 turtles. He tells me that he stopped at Petco and found these turtles. Someone had just dropped them off at Petco one day and so they were really cheap and he just couldn't pass up this GREAT deal! I am thinking Oh boy, more animals for ME to take care of. Do we not have enough animals? A dog, a cat, fish, chickens, ducks, and now turtles. Anyone want a pet? Just pick one! LOL.
Anyhow the girls share a room and just had to have them in their room. So about 5 days ago we noticed one of the turtles was missing. Of course no one would fess up. Seriously, how do you lose a turtle that is in an enclosed aquarium? So I made the girls clean up their room the other day. I refused to help only supervise because I just knew we were going to find a dead turtle. I know I am terrible. Well, we never found it which I was thankful for but still wondering where it could have gone. A few hours later, Cody went in their room and hears a weird clunking noise. (The bedrooms have wood floors). He starts looking around and finds under Cadences bed the turtle walking around. I couldn't believe it was alive. Ahh the joys of kids and pets! That's how we keep things exciting at our house. LOL!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I've done today

-I woke up

-Got myself and the girls ready

-Took Cadence to school

-Came home, did some laundry

-Ate breakfast

-Got the mail

-Went to my parents house

-Ate lunch

-Went to the Dr. and listened to baby Cottens heartbeat for the first time!

Yep, that's right Kyndee is not going to be the baby anymore. We are expecting baby Cotten April 29th. I am 10 weeks along. We are so excited to have another little one on the way. And it was so exciting to go hear the heartbeat today. It helped me to know that everything is ok.