Monday, November 24, 2008

Our visit the the E.R.

On Saturday night we took Kyndee into the E.R because she had a pretty high fever. On Friday night it was a 104. We were able to bring it down, but it kept coming back up, even with medicne. We were concerned because of her recent surgury and didn't know if it had anything to do with the fever or not. I called my brother who works in the E.R. to ask him what he though we should do. He said he thought we should take her in. Anyhow he called us back and told us he called and talked to one of the E.R. doctors and they though she needed to been seen with her recent surgury because she could have infection with that high of a fever. I feel so lucky to have an awesome brother who is so knowledgeable with medical stuff. I am constantly calling him to ask him what I should. Anyhow Cody's Dad came and got Cadence so she could spend the night over there. We went into the E.R. about 10 pm and they knew we were coming. They were so nice to us. The doctor told us that they might have to do blood test to test for infection and maybe other test. We were glad that they soon found out it was strep throat. They had to test it to make sure and then give her a shot (antibiotics), then they gave us a prescription. It was definently a long night! We didn't get home until about 1:30 am. Then I had to get up at 4 and 8 to give her tylenol for her fever. What a crazy night. I hope that we don't have anything crazy happen for a while. I though I was going to have a panick attack on the way to the E.R. I think there has just been so much going on lately. And we are keeping our fingers crossed that Cadence doesn't get it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween pictures

I have been meaning to post Halloween pictures, but I just haven't got it done. So here they are finally. Cadence was sleeping beauty and Kyndee was a cat.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kyndee's surgery

Kyndee's surgery went well, and she is doing just fine now. The sore in her mouth was worse than we had expected. One of her front teeth was completely dead and was starting to rot the bone. So they had to pull out her tooth, so she'll be without one of her front teeth until the other one comes in, which will probably be about 7 or 8 years old. They had to scrape away all the infected and inflamed tissue on her gums and scrape around the bone. We are just glad everything went well and she is doing well. We had a wonderful doctor, who kept us very informed and keeps checking on us. Although it was minor is was hard on all of us and very tiring. Kyndee was pretty upset coming out of the anesthesia, which they say is normal. Once we got her home and she got some food and a nap she was doing much better. Thank you to everyone who was praying for us and concerned! We greatly appreciate it! We are thankful for wonderful family and friends!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Surgery for Kyndee

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tomorrow (Monday), Kyndee will be having surgery. She has a sore in her mouth caused by something she ate. Something got stuck in her gums and then got infected. Then it started getting bigger and more puffy and kept bleeding more. And after seeing the dentist, our doctor, and a pediactric dentist, they decided she needed to have surgery and cut out the growth in her mouth and scrape all the inflamed stuff out. She will be under anesthesia because they think there will be a lot of bleeding and also so she is not screaming. I guess this is not new to us since she had surgery a few months ago because of a blocked tear duct. We will be glad when the surgery is done. I'm hoping she doesn't have to have another surgery for a long time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do you have any tips?

I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting rid of cankers sores. I have had one for a couple of days now and it is driving me nuts! I have tried baking soda and it helps a little and hurts like heck! Do anyone have something better? I would love to hear if have any other advise besides that.