Friday, May 13, 2011

Our little guy

Here are some pictures of our little guy. We are still trying to adjust to having 3 kids and catch up on sleep (he thinks he would rather sleep during the day than at night), but life is good and the girls are such great helpers. Sometimes they help a little too much! Cadence asks about every 20 minutes if she can hold him. And she gets mad because she wants to change his diaper on her own, but I won't let her. She is great though to get me diapers and wipes and whatever I need. The first time she saw me breastfeeding she said to me "Mom, I thought babies use a bottle". So we had a talk about that. Then the first time she walked in and saw me using a breast pump, we had to have a talk about that. Darn I need locks on my bedroom doors. So one day I told Cadence 'I need to feed the baby". So she said to me "Oh, you need to go pump yourself". It made me laugh because she thought she was so smart and knew all about it. Kyndee has been keeping me laughing too. About a day or 2 after we brought Kyler home she asked me "Are we going to keep him?" Then just a few days ago she said to me "Mom, was it yesterday that Kyler fell out of your belly?" I started laughing, you never know what kids are going to come up with. We sure love our little guy!