Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing in the rain

A few days ago we went outside to play in the rain. Usually I have lots more pictures of Cadence, because Kyndee won't hold still. Cadence didn't want to play out in the rain because she is scared of the thunder. Luckly I got a couple of pictures of her though. But Kyndee loved playing in the rain. She must get that from her Momma. Before it even started thundering Cadence told me she wanted to go inside because she saw the thunder coming. I said oh you mean the lightning? Cadence said "No Mom, I saw thunder coming". She is too funny.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a little update

Here are some pictures of Cody on fires.

This is actually Cody on a fire. I think It's a pretty cool picture.

And this is the hummer that he gets to drive.

Nothing too exciting is going on here. But the kids and I are very excited because Cody will be coming home tomorrow. He has been gone for a week 1/2 on a fire. We hardly see him in the summer. He gets 2 days off then he'll be back out again on more fires. It's never fun or easy having him gone so much in the summer, but we know he is working hard for our family and we really appreciate him. Somedays when he is gone I think I am going to go crazy. Luckly though I have awesome family and friends. Cody loves his job and thats why I support him in it. I definitely appreciate each day we get to spend with him when he is so busy. It's funny because Cadence is starting to understand more what her Daddy does for work and the other day we saw smoke, so she ask if we could go drive by the fire. We were on our way into town and so I took the backroad to get a better look. She was dissapointed because we couldn't see the actual fire, just the smoke. I said to her "Man, kid do you think your Dad is a firefighter or something." She is so funny. Another funny thing she did was yesterday, Cody called us and I was outside for a minute. Well, Cadence heard the phone and answered it and talked to her Dad for a minute, then she came running outside yelling "Mom, Dad is in the phone" then she said "Hey Mom, Cody is in the phone" The way she said it made me laugh so hard. When I got on the phone to talk to Cody he was laughing hard too. She says the funniest things.

On Thursday Cadence is starting dance. She is so excited! She will get to do ballet, tap, and jazz. I really think she is going to love it. She has always loved to dance. Almost everyday she asks me to turn on some music so that she can dance. Then, next week she will be going back to preschool. She just barely missed the deadline for kindergarten. I had mixed feeling about that because most of her friends that she went to preschool with last year and most of her friends from primary will be in kindergarten. However, she will be one of the oldest in her class and I do think that is a good thing. I know she will love preschool though and her new teacher. It's going to be so weird to have a schedule again.

We have been ejoying our summer. And it's almost over. We spend many evenings outside letting the kids ride their bikes up and down the sidewalks. And I always hope somehow they'll get all their energy out so they'll go to bed good for me, but it seems like they could go forever. Cadence has become friends with the neighbor boy across the street. His name is Aiden and they have so much fun playing together. It was funny today, I know that Cadence loves playing with Aiden but Kyndee told me she wanted to play with Aiden. That was totally unexpected. She makes me laugh. My girls are such good friends. They do everything together. I just hope it stays that way. I guess our days of staying up late and sleeping in are numbered.

The last thing I am excited to post about is our garden. We have watermelon, cantalope, and honeydew melon growing in our garden along with some other things. Some of them are starting to get big. We can't wait to pick them and try them out. I will take pictures and post them soon. We also have been ejoying our tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini (although it's not doing as well as last year), and we even have jalapenos. But I am too chicken to try them.