Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Stump Gulch Fire

This is what Cody has been working on. He is in Montana. This fire broke out Saturday sometime and burned about 10,000 acres. They were trying to protect several houses. He kept telling me he was getting smoked out. Now I know why. Cody said their crew was on the news. These pictures were all I could find. As far as I know they were able to save all of the houses. The structure you see on fire is an outstation. from what I heard that was the only building lost.

1st day of Kindergarten

She really was excited to go to school even though she doesn't look like it. She has been in school for almost 1 week. I got to help in her class today, and the kids are so cute! I love being able to help out and see how things work. Her teacher is awesome! Next I will get a picture of Kyndee going to preschool.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two cookbooks I'm loving right now.

This one has so many good egg recipes in it. My sister-in-law Melanie bought it for me. And I love it. It also has lots of good info on the chickens and fresh eggs. This one I picked up because it said it was to help get your kids to eat better. I think it's a cool concept although not for everyone. This author purees her veggies and adds it into her meals to get her kids eating better. Although I think my kids eat pretty good, they can always use more veggies.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What's happening around here

Summer is almost over so here are some things my kiddos are loving. They absolutely love our chickens. Some of them are named and some are not. The kids just pick them up and carry them all over. I know for most people it's not a normal thing but for us and our house, I'm am usually yelling get the chickens and ducks out of the house. Yes, we got 3 ducks about 2 months ago. The more the merrier right? Maybe. I never though I would say this, but I do like having the chickens for the eggs. I love getting fresh eggs. And the kids think it's so much fun to see the different color of eggs we get. We get brown, bluish/greenish, and white eggs now. We do have a chicken coop, but some of the chickens started laying the eggs on the lawn. One day I was walking all over the grass trying to find eggs. I thought to myself Wow, it's like an easter egg hunt everyday!

Here are the roosters, I think they are pretty cool looking. I always thought they only crowed in the morning, Oh no, they crow all day long. Anyone want them? Seriously!

These ones are Rosa (white one) and Tiny. The kids named them. Tinys not so tiny anymore.

Kyndee was helping the chicken walk. LOL. Apparently she didn't think it was doing a good enough job. I guess it needed some help. The sad thing is the chicken lets her.

The kids start school this week, which they are really excited about. I can't believe that Cadence is going to kindergarten. She got to meet her teacher a few days ago and I know that she will just love her. Kyndee got to go check out her preschool and see her teacher. She already knows her cause it's Cadence's old teacher.
Cody had to leave for Montana and has been gone for a week. He could be gone for a month. I'm not really looking forward to that. He has been doing project work and on fires. Man I miss that guy! I've decided they need to come up with a rent-a-husband kind of thing for those of us that have husbands that work out of town. I just need someone to do some stuff around the house, do some yard work, and fix my broken car.
The trainer that I was working with for the biggest loser challege decided to do another competition. I am not doing the comp again, but I am still working out with all of them. I love it. Pam kicks my butt, but I feel amazing. I never thought I would want to run, but a couple of weeks ago I ran 3 miles which I had never done before. My next goal is 4 miles. I am thinking about training for a half marathon. I'm not sure yet. I really never thought I would say that. We'll see how it goes.
Anyways, that's what is going on with our family.