Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Crazy Kids

These are my crazy kids. Cadence was getting ready for dance and decided that I should take pictures of her. She is such a goofball. I have no idea why she is posing the way she is. The picture of Kyndee by herself didn't turn out very good. My kids love to turn on the music and dance. Oh and don't you just love the farmer tans they got going on. Of course Cody and I have some to match.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Funny

So, I was cutting this girl's hair today. And last time we cut it, she brought me a picture of Alice from the movie twilight and I cut it like that. I loved how it turned out. Well, one day she was in a store or something and this little girl passed by her and said "Mommy, look it's Alice". Her Mom said "No, it's just a girl that looks like Alice". And the little says "No, it's Alice. So after hearing that, my client Jamie starts laughing. She told me "I wanted my hair to look like Alice's but I didn't think I looked that much like her". I should have taken a picture! Too funny!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun at the firestation

We went out to Ivins firestation tonight. My brother works there. It was lots of fun. They had tons of fun stuff for the kids to do. They had an optical course that the kids had to take a rope through, and had a trailor that filled up with smoke and the kids had to climb out the window. There was a dunking booth, and they could go for a ride on the fire engine, and then they had lots of other activities in the the firehouse. The kids had so much fun. Oh and of course they got to get their picture taken with smokey bear. Cadence has always been terrified of him for some reason so we couldn't talk her into getting her picture taken. I even bribed her. Kyndee would only do it if Cody sat with her.
On another note, Kyndee is scheduled to have surgery on Monday. It's the same thing she got surgery for a year ago. A growth in her mouth on her gums. The growth came back just a couple month ago, which they told us might happen. Although it's minor, it's always so hard to see her go through it. Especially when she comes out of the anesthesia. She gets really upset and it's hard to calm her down. Hopefully it will all go well and I am just praying that this is the last time she has to have surgery.